Image of stand up comedy micImage of Tony ComedianImage of Luigi ventriloquistLuigi and Tony decided they wanted to be the Best Stand-up Comedy Show on the Planet!

They quickly realized they needed a ventriloquist. Otherwise the comedy would be silent, and no one would get their jokes.

After putting an ad on Craigslist, they were shocked at how many ventriloquists responded. They didn't think so many people did such a dead-end art form.

The only problem is the candidates all seemed to have something going for them. In other words, they had "potential," so it'd be hard for Tony & Luigi to oppress them.

Image of Comedian Ventriloquist JustinFinally, they came across Justin Ver Burg, a deadbeat ventriloquist who they thought was going nowhere.

Taking a lesson from "corporate America," they offered him a big title with nearly no pay.

He must’ve been really desperate, ignorant, or both (probably both) because he bit.

After all, all they really needed was for him to stand on stage, look pretty, and allow them to dish out their jokes.

So far, it’s been a great working relationship.. He's oppressed, and they're flourishing.

Get tickets today, before they sell out.

In case you care to know, the ventriloquist appeared in a documentary on Ventriloquism by Miramax Films, at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and International Ventriloquist Convention (did you know there is such a thing?).