I Just Did an Amazing Comedy Show – Because of the Audience

Image of Comedy Show Hikers 1

This man is one of only 65 Americans (as of 2016) to climb the highest peak on all 7 continents. Wow!

I just did an amazing show. Why was it so amazing? Partly because of the audience.

I’m not saying it was better than other audiences – they’re all awesome in their own unique way.

Image of Comedy SHow hikers 5

This is Mount Rainier from the plane as I returned to Los Angeles.

What was different is these people were so laid back.


The only thing I could figure out is they were almost all hard core mountain climbers.

My theory is they actually pull away from the business of life (which many of us rarely do – except for vacation – even then it can be fast-paced). But these people are out in mother nature, enjoying God’s beautiful creation, breathing fresh air.

Image of Comedy Show Hikers 2

Here we are messing around with a drone that they use to take pictures of different geographies in the mountains.

Additionally, they’re using their bodies to do intense cardio workouts (climbing, of course), and challenging themselves.

It was a lesson to me that I need to be involved in something beyond just the daily grind of doing my work (Comedian Ventriloquist Shows) and managing family life.. Since I’m in Southern California (they were in Northwest Washington), I could take up sailing, surfing or even mountain climbing (not as feasible as the first two).

Some of these people had climbed 100 peaks in Washington State that means they went to obscure places on the map that almost no human ever goes to in order to reach that goal. Otherse had climbed mountains all over the world.

Image of Comedy Show Hikers 3

Here I am with some of the guests in front of a float plane which was having it’s 40th birthday celebration (yes, the plane was having a birthday and was decorated accordingly)

Also, I was surprised that people actually arrived by float plane (and amphibious plane). They even had a float plane pilot on hand to park the planes as they came in.

Anyway, like I said, all comedy show audiences are fun. They fact that people came out to laugh and enjoy my ventriloquism sidekicks means they are set on having fun.

But I think it’s a lesson for all of us to have some balance in life to make sure we have an outlet and maintain a healthy perspective on life and relationships.