Best Places to Find Ventriloquist Video

A lot of people are searching for the latest Jeff Dunham videos, or videos from other comedian ventriloquists. Terry Fator, who doesn’t market himself as a comedian, but instead focuses on being an amazing impersonating ventriloquist (he’s funny too), the man of 1000 voices, is right up there in demand with Jeff Dunham (maybe not worldwide). There are a number of what you would call “no name” ventriloquists, but they’re incredibly talented and hilarious; however, the big names help to pave the way and create further demand for those with a smaller following.

Image of Ventriloquist video

Image by Williu

What’s interesting is that on YouTube people don’t have as much appreciation for traditional stand up comedy in videos, but instead like an added dimension of creativity. It’s almost as if standing on stage, in such a potentially stagnant state, bores the YouTube audience who has about 20 other clicking options at their fingertips as they watch the ventriloquist video.

Do I put videos of my ventriloquism online? Yes, but not very many of them. That may change in the future, so please stay tuned.

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