What Makes the Best Ventriloquist?

Image of Justin Teak Ventriloquist PosterMany people have said something to the tune of, “you’re the best ventriloquist…even better than Jeff Dunham, Paul Zerdin (recent winner of America’s Got Talent), etc.” This is really what they believe, but it is important to point out that comedy ventriloquism is a LIVE performing art.

Therefore, it is much better appreciated live in person. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so some may prefer my act over Terry Fator’s, others may prefer Ventriloquist Terry Fator’s show over mine… With that said, I have the upper hand in the eye of the beholder when I am performing live. Video just doesn’t do it justice.

I remember seeing Comedian Jeff Dunham do his craft on Comedy Central. Then I went to see him live at a local theater. I was BLOWN AWAY by his abilities compared to what I perceived them to be on TV.

I hope the same is true of my audience members too – that they’s day “I expected it to be good, but didn’t know it’d be THIS GOOD!” That’s the kind of feedback I get, but I’m only as good as my next show… 😉 I must put my best foot forward at each ventriloquism comedy performance.

In summary of what I wrote above, “of course you think I’m better than these people you’ve seen on TV…you’re watching me LIVE. I have the upper hand.”

Each of us has something unique to bring to the table, so hopefully you can appreciate all of our gifts. See you at a show!