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Choosing the Right Puppet

There are varying schools of thought on how to choose the right puppet.  Some ventriloquists think you should buy a puppet and then develop a character for it; however, the major consensus believes you should develop a character or voice in your head first,then find or create a puppet that is an expression of that idea.  I agree with the latter.

Notice I didn’t just recommend “buying” a puppet?  I also mentioned “creating” one?   That’s because I’ve often found that the vision I have for a comedy sidekick on stage doesn’t match anything on the ventriloquist or puppetry market.  I then go ahead and make one.

If you’re lacking on skills or time to create your own, I recommend contacting Axtell Expressions, Inc. to learn what a custom puppet will cost you.  I believe their minimum rate for a custom puppet is somewhere around $5,000, but you own the rights.  I do know of a missionary to China who wanted a Panda puppet, which Axtell Expressions didn’t carry.  Steve Axtell, the owner, agreed to have the Panda created at the cost of Axtell Expressions and sold at a standard per puppet rate of $300-500 for the puppet, on the condition that Axtell maintained ownership of the rights to mass produce and sell replicates throughout the world.  It turned out to be a win-win for both ventriloquist and puppet maker.

I’ve created four different characters for my stand up comedy ventriloquist show.  Luigi, who I created at age 15, is still an integral part of the comedy show, as is Tony the Monkey who has moving eyes, mouth (of course) and blinking eye lids.

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