Why You Need a Comedian at An Event

Have you ever been to an event that your heart wasn’t in? Maybe your spouse asked you to attend a company party.. You don’t know anyone there and aren’t the social type.

Image of Comedy Shows MilitaryIt’s going to be a long 4 hour corporate event, unless the meeting planners have some key insights about what makes a great event. Bottom line, besides people getting fed, is people need to have a good time. Do you think they’re going to have a good time listening to “live” elevator music?  Not a chance (although people may not admit it).

If you want to give them an event worth remembering – for the right reasons – one suggestion is to bring in high quality Funny guys. Someone who knows how to work the crowd and keep them laughing.  There are professional comedians who know how to handle different audience types to make sure your event is a major success. These comedians can keep it clean, cater the show to your specific audience or industry and have people looking forward to attending the event the next year.

I know we recently did a comedy show at a fundraiser dinner and the people were so enthralled with the laughter they enjoyed, they asked me to entertain at the same event with the same audience only nine months later. Additionally, the success of the event gave them confidence to do another one in a different part of the country, at which I’ll also be entertaining with comedy again in a few weeks.

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