They keep audiences ROLLING WITH LAUGHTER. 😂

Asked by The Late Show with David Letterman to come to New York, Entertaining at the Olympic Games, and even making Audiences Laugh in his grandma’s back yard. 😂




Image of Comic Ventriloquist DummyHe’s a major heartthrob with the ladies. When giving his Hotmail address, he often has to clarify it’s not spelled “hot M-A-L-E”.
Actually, I just wrote that in third person so it would sound more
authoritative and less obvious that I made it up…

To show how sharp I am, within six months of entering the comedy club scene, The Late Show with David Letterman asked us to come to New York!


Image of Comic Ventriloquist monkeyI’m originally from Scotland, and still haven’t been able to drop my accent (as you’ll see during the show).

People get a kick out of my candid observations on American life… I’m just expressing my honest point of view, and getting paid! Actually, they’re paying the Ventriloquist. He’s the one keeping the dough – for my show!

Some lawyers are working “pro bono” (since I’m broke) to get me paid
retroactively for all the laughs I’ve created. Seriously, people don’t know that the Ventriloquist is about the worst entertainer in the world, and without me, the show would flop!

Our show is only a success because of “me.” Yes, I said it… Luigi
doesn’t realize it, but he’s just an “opener.” He simply gets the audience warmed up so I can strut my stuff…

When Seahawks superstar Mack Strong said this is the “FUNNIEST ACT HE’S EVER SEEN!,” it was probably because of me. Also, I performed at the Olympics.



Image of Comedian with Land Rover

He’s been hired by Sony to work with Adam Sandler, asked by The Late Show with David Letterman to come to NY, and beat out over 100 ventriloquists (did you know there are that many?) to land the starring role in a TV show by NBC Universal.

Corporate clean humor, customized to your organization.

Winner of #1 Vegas Headliner Terry Fator’s $3000 Ventriloquism Contest!


What Others Are Saying..

It was wall-to-wall laughter.

Rick Faber, President, Faber Construction, Inc.

The crowd loved it!

Jan Morrel, Firs Conference Center

Incredible! As good or better than anyone I see on Comedy Central.

Lisa M., Audience Member

Image of Btn Request Justin