Comedian Ventriloquist at Company Party Chicago, Illinios

I’m now based in Los Angeles, California, but there was one day when I was doing my undergraduate work in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinios.  It was there that I became the only person in my college’s 165 year history to get paid to perform in its talent show.

Image of Chicago Corporate Ventriloquist

Here I am at a retirement party for a Boeing employee.

My comedy ventriloquism act has opened many doors, and one fond memory is when I performed at corporate events (particularly company Christmas / Holiday parties) in the Chicagoland area. A securities firm hired me to perform at Drury Lane in Oakbrook, plus I performed comedy downtown Chicago and in other suburbs.

In case you’re not familiar, Chicago has a HUGE history of successful comedians. John and Jim Belushi came from Wheaton, Illinois and got their start at Chicago’s famous Second City Comedy Theater. Also, Bill Murray is very famous for being from Chi-town and often mentioning at Chicago public appearances (concerts, Cubs games etc.) that the only people who turn out to see him are “family.”

Also, it was in Chicago’s famous Hancock tower (on Magnificent Mile, which houses the Cheasecake factory in its basement) that the late Chris Farley lived after his years at Saturday Night Live.

I look forward to doing more comedian ventriloquist events in Chicago…  Cheers!