Comedian Ventriloquist Career

Ventriloquism is something you don’t see very often.  Unless you’re on YouTube, of course.  But running into someone who is a ventriloquist by vocation – very rare.

It was a big leap of faith to launch out and do comedy and ventriloquism full time; however, it was a good step in the right direction.

Comedy ventriloquism is fun because it gets me out in front of people, interacting with them, and I feel that I benefit more than the audience does.  Well, I guess it’s a win-win because they seem to have a good time laughing at all the jokes.

Image of Ventriloquist and Puppets

One thing that every performer should know is that no two shows are alike.  For me personally, I’ve found that each show is almost like Improv Comedy.  Unless I believe that what I’m saying is happening “now,” it’s dry comedy to the audience.

Ventriloquism keeps it interesting too.  If someone is from another country, they still have a good time even if they can’t speak the language (jokes).  I guess it’s because they enjoy seeing the ventriloquist characters come to life.

It’s a lot of fun.  I’m sure some of you have careers that you really enjoy.  I know my Dad is a CPA and he seems to love every minute of it.  It’s not about what career looks good to others, it’s about doing a career that you believe you need to do and you’re truly serving others – and not yourself.

If you ever want to see me comedian and ventriloquist show, I’d love to see you at a theater at an upcoming show. Please come up after the comedy show and say hi.

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