Comedian Ventriloquist, Conan O’Brien, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, etc.

If you’ve been following the comedy entertainment scene, you’ve seen many shake-ups in late night comedy shows on television. Of course, this is a few years ago. But even though the shifts are well behind us, I believe the late night hosts are still getting their footing.

Stephen Colbert came in with a big splash when he took the reigns of CBS’ The Late Show (formerly with David Letterman) in September 2015. I personally LOVE his humor! He’s so dry. I wonder how many people understand his humor.

Jimmy Fallon, on the other hand, is more what you’d consider “mainstream.” Meaning you don’t need to be a comedy aficionado to appreciate some of his bits. If you’ve been following the presidential primaries, you’ll get a kick out of NBC’s The Tonight Show’s current-running series of bits where Fallon impersonates Donald Trump.

He accentuates Trumps characteristics in a hilarious manner.

The late night host who I believe is making the most waves right now is James Corden. Why? He’s nailed the social media / share nature of the Web right now with his carpool karaoke. He’ll have famous singers (and actors too) ride along and do karaoke as he drives around town.

Nice work, James, taking your show outside the studio walls to create interest and great laughs.

Last but certainly not least is Late Nite. It is also incredible and I love the current host’s humor.

Interestingly, Conan went from Late Nite to hosting Tonight Show to no show to cable. What a tumultuous transition, but I gotta say, if you like his humor (like I do), it doesn’t bother you what network he’s on. You’re gonna watch him.

His hilarious take on things always keeps things fresh, and I’m glad he didn’t hang up the towel when all the drama went down at NBC.

TBN secured a real comedy genius, and I’m glad they did.

All this to say that, in my humble opinion, many of these hosts are still getting their footing with what works and what doesn’t on late night comedy tv. I read recently that their biggest competition isn’t each other (although, the competition is fierce), it is sitcoms that come on earlier.

Why? Many people will Tivo their favorite primetime show and watch it before going to bed – right when these comedians take the stage..

It’ll be interesting to see how these shows continue to morph as they deal with ratings and changing appetites on social media..

Until next post, Comedian Ventriloquist & Song Parodist Funny Dummy (aka Justin Ver Burg) signing off! Cheers and hope to see you at a comedy show!