Comedy Is Fun

A lot of times comedians will get into comedy because people said “you’re so funny, You ought to do comedy.”

What happens, is that naturally funny person will jump into the stand up comedy scene and get shocked when no one laughs at their lines.  Is it because they’re not funny?  Not in the least way.  It’s actually because they don’t know how to structure their funny in a way that the audience will get a laugh.

In other words, they’re “trying” to be funny, instead of just being themselves, which oftentimes would mean that “funny” would naturally flow from their own sense of humor and comedic timing.

If you’re reading this and saying “I can totally relate!  That’s me to a “T”, then I guess the first thing I recommend is getting your hands on a good course about stand up comedy.  One from someone who teaches you to write the same amount of comedy per year that someone like Bill Cosby produces.  We’re talking one to three hours per year of brand new comedy material!

In case you need any recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact me (I’m the ventriloquist, Justin VerBerg).  I hope to see you at an upcoming comedy ventriloquism show.

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