Comedy Shows Near Me

Image of cincinnati waterfront
The great people of Cincinnati love a good comedy Show. In fact, some of the clubs – such as Bananas Comedy Club – are much more successful than their counterparts in different parts of the U.S.

I’ve been looking around for good comedy shows near me SEE TOUR SCHEDULE, and have come to the conclusion that everyone has different tastes.

Most importantly, everyone loves to laugh.

Some of my favorite comedy clubs have been out East (Manhattan, New York or Cincinnati, Ohio, for example). One reason is there is so much energy in the crowd.

People are excited and ready to laugh.

Comedy shows at clubs on the West Coast are good too, but they don’t seem as highly revered. (That’s just one man’s opinion…don’t take this advice to the bank.)

When I started in comedy, I was living in downtown Seattle at the time. I was just off of Lake Union, and went to a place called Comedy Underground six nights a week. I would schlep my wooden guy up on stage and people got a kick out of it.

People there and at other clubs in the area (the now defunct Giggles Comedy Club, for example) would say, “you should perform at clubs out East. They treat comedians like royalty!”

I didn’t think much of it, but then had an opportunity to do ventriloquism at a club called Bananas Comedy Club in Cincinnati, Ohio and knew firsthand what they were talking about.

The place was huge! I didn’t know comedy clubs could get that big. Also, it was packed!

This is early on in my comedy ventriloquism days, so no one came out to see me. I was just one of the performers. They hung on to my every word.

The only people who didn’t seem too crazy about my show were fellow comedians that went up after me. I didn’t learn until later that a ventriloquist can sometimes be thought of as a threat because I could almost be a horrible comedian and the audience would still potentially like me.
For a straight monologist, you’d better either be hilarious or you’re toast!:-)

Anyway, if I’m looking for a comedy show near me, I first check with myself to see if I’ll be on stage. If so, I go to that show because I don’t charge myself cover to get in, and I like my own jokes…. Sorry, I know that’s not even funny.. I just figure no one reads this far down so I thought I’d throw some very unprofessional humor at the end.

See y’all later!