Clean Comedy Ventriloquist for Corporate Event Chicago, IL

I’ve had the privilege of entertaining at several events in the Chicago area.

Having graduated from Wheaton College, which is in the Western suburbs of Chicago, IL, I ended up working in downtown and also entertaining at a number of events.

One highlight was when I was hired to do comedy ventriloquism at a formal gala at the Ballroom that is at the end of Chicago’s Navy Pier. I’d always walked by the ballroom while a college student, and sometimes I’d see events taking place inside. It always fascinated me (the sheer size of the place, and that it is on the water), so when I was hired to entertain there, it was a great joy.

Also, I’ve been hired by ABN Amro North America, Inc., which has a large presence in the Chicago metropolitan area. In fact, many of the corporate comedy shows I did were in the banking and financial industry.