Corporate Comedian in Iowa

Corporate Comedian Justin Dey (Funny Dummy) kept the audience rolling in the aisles when he visited Cedar Rapids, Iowa recently.

The show was at the Marriott Cedar Rapids for an annual meeting for corporate client Renk Seed.

Image of Cedar Rapids Comic

Keeping the corporate comedian’s audience rolling with laughter is his comedy sidekick, Luigi. “It was a lot of fun!,” says Corporate Comedian Justin Dey.

“At these events,” says Dey, “the audience is there purely to have a good time. My job is to keep them laughing without using any rude or crude humor, and it reflects positively on the nice people who hired me.”

Justin travels with a comedy posse – none of which are real without Justin animating them.

He even brings people up on stage to help add to the comedy. “When it’s a group of people that know each other – or at least are familiar with some of the key figures within the organization – the audience laughs hysterically when some of these key individuals get involved in the comedy show.”

“I hand pick the people beforehand.. People who are well-known, lighthearted and aren’t going to get stage fright once called upon,” continues Justin. “It usually goes over very well.”

He also likes to run jokes about individuals in the audience by the event planners or the people themselves before the show. “I assume the people aren’t going to get offended because they’re part of the jokes I’m delivering – even though I always put them in a positive light – but I still like to ask them just to make sure.”

He’s been performing corporate comedy accross the United States and in Canada since 2007. Actually, he was busy making people laugh long before that – just not as a full-time comedy profession.