Corporate Comedian coming to Tyler, Texas

Image of Downtown Tyler, Texas

The beautiful, nondescript, metropolis of Tyler, Texas, the largest city in the Lonestar state (if you don’t count the cities that are larger)

Corporate Comedian Justin Dey is heading to the great state of Texas! At least the proposed tour he’ll be embarking on includes Texas as on of his many stops.

Tyler, in particular, is one of the cities on the tour. The venue he’d do his comedy ventriloquism show at is called “The Oil Palace” during his stint in the city once called “The City of Roses” (apparently the city had or still has the world’s largest rose garden_.

Tyler is in Eastern Texas and it’s highest temperature on record is 115 degrees as recently as 2011.

I’m guessing it’s called “Oil Palace” because it’s a palace that was funded by the black gold…

Image of Tyler Texas Oil Palace ComedianThe Texans are known for having great hospitality.

Comedian Justin Dey is actually wingman to the famous All E. Alligator who is absolutely hilarious.

If you’re not familiar, All E. has recently started a vlog on the YouTube. You can find it here:

All E. Alligator Comedian Vlog

Image of Spider taken in Tyler Texas

A random pic of a spider in Tyler, Texas. Sorry, this is one of the only photos of Tyler that we didn’t have to pay royalties for. 🙂

Corp. Comedian Justin actually rarely entertains at Corporate Entertainment Events. Why? His focus is entertaining at theaters nationwide. His comedy shows are a lot of fun.

He actually started headlining major theaters in 2007, starting with the Mount Baker Theater, a 1500 seat venue, in his (Jusitn’s) hometown of Bellingham, WA.