Hiring a Cruise Ship Ventriloquist

It’s a lot of fun to do ventriloquism as a form of entertainment.  People love to laugh. Bottom Line.  And that’s what we like to deliver.

Have you ever been on board with us?  If not, I encourage you to check out some of the future cruises we’ll be doing comedy & ventriloquism on.

Image of Recent Ventriloquist ShowOne comment I heard years ago from Tonight Show Host and Comedian Jay Leno is that he never wanted to do comedy on cruises because he thought “what if I bomb?  Then I have four or five more days on the ship with everyone.”  In my humble opinion, that is operating out of fear.  I know he said it as a joke – and he makes a great point – but for me, I don’t have the possibility of bombing in my mind.  Bombing is not an option.

It doesn’t matter what it’s going to take, that audience is going to have a good time.  I’ve learned, but the help of God, how to be a chameleon entertainer.  In other words, I take on the persona of the audience to the extent necessary to connect with them.

If we have nothing in common, it doesn’t matter.  They’re going to laugh, and I’m going to connect with them.  I’ve entertained adults that must’ve been at least 60 years my senior, and they loved it!

Also, I’ve done ventriloquism for people from Switzerland for forty five minutes, who didn’t know a word of English, who were sick because of jet lag, and afterwards their comment was that the show woke them up and now they feel better. In my humble opinion, that is God.  That is absolutely incredible.  How did that happen?

I’m so thankful to be in a career where I’m able to contribute positively to peoples’ well being.  I’ve heard that laughter is actually good for our health.

I hope to see you on a cruise ship sailing the ocean blue sometime soon!

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