Improv Comedy vs Stand Up Comedy

A lot of people wonder what the big difference is between improv and stand-up.  Let’s put it in simple terms.  Comedy that’s done via improv is more off-the-cuff, straight from the hip gut reactions to things, whereas stand-up comedy is more scripted.

Image of Comedy ShotSteve Carrell is a comedian who people have grown to like over the years.  One of the reasons people like his style of comedic delivery so much is because he is so original, and his character is so likeable.  Plus, put it all together and it is laugh-out-loud hilarious.

The Office became very popular first in Great Britain (UK), and then in the US when it was adapted to our culture. People could relate to the office humor, etc.  A lot of people didn’t realize that Steve Carrell got his start in the Improv Comedy trenches (a.k.a. Second City Comedy in Chicago).

Although most of what I’ve done over the last few years would be classified as traditional “stand-up”, I gain most my inspiration from comedians of the Improv stage (Chevy Chase – SNL, Will Ferrell – SNL and Adam Sandler – SNL).  Maybe that’s the direction I’m headed – more spontaneity.

Until then, keep laughing!

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