I Just Posted a New Video

I’m a Comedian & Ventriloquist and just posted a new video to YouTube. This is a video of me doing a comedy show for a non-profit Radio Program fundraiser dinner. I’ll admit, the video and especially audio quality is sub-standard, but hopefully it gives you a flavor for the show.

Here it is:

I’ll be doing another fundraiser dinner for them in a few days just North of Seattle, and another one in early May 2013 in San Diego, Ca.

It’s all clean comedy, so no one cringes or feels like people in the audience are being victimized. With that said, I should mention that there are some people who say they have “clean” comedy, but it’s not “comedy.” If no one’s laughing, it’s called a “speech.” The very definition of comedy entertainment is that laughter has to be involved. My hope is the even people with a real hunger for “blue” material will be blown away with the show, even though I have no blue comedy material, and that they’ll want to see more.

One thing I have in my favor is that I do ventriloquism. People are often fascinated with how the ventriloquist puppets/dummies operate and how they can seem like they’re “real.” That, plus comedy that connects with the audience and gets them laughing is the goal each time.

I (or should I say “we?”) look forward to seeing you at one of our comedy ventriloquism shows!

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