Justin Milan to Entertain for Joplin, Missouri EMT’s

It was a major news story when a horrific tornado went through Joplin, MO in 2011.

Ever since then, the local hospital provides an annual banquet for the EMT’s and First Responders to keep everyone charged and motivated to keep moving forward.

Image of Justin Milan Ventriloquist

With damage nearing 3 billion dollars, the city and area are still in the process of rebuilding.

Comedian Ventriloquist Justin Milan will be entertaining in this great city at the next annual banquet.

His posse of comedy characters will bring the laughs and do some localized humor and audience participation to keep everyone laughing.

“It all came about when I got a call from the Hospital to check on availability,” says Milan. “I’m used to doing all sorts of events, but this one will be special because it’s an opportunity to serve those who are on the front lines to serve the local community.”

Image of Justin Milan Los Angeles Ventriloquist

Justin Milan with one of his comedy sidekicks, All’i, in a Southern California (Los Angeles) video shoot for YouTube.

Justin’s cast includes Luigi, the ventriloquist figure he carved at age 15, All’i, the Alligator that adults and kids get a kick out of, and Tony, a Scottish monkey who hasn’t been able to drop his accent.

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