Fun Doing Kids Party in Orange County

Image of btn orange county kids partyWhen I say I’m based in L.A., many may assume that I’m a long ways from Orange County, California; however, I’m a hop, skip and jump away from O.C.

Image of Orange County Kids Party

Kids party ventriloquist Justin Milan with his alligator puppet.

In fact, my family and I attended a church in Aliso Viejo, which is close to Irvine and right next door to Mission Viejo for over a year.

That’s actually how I learned about the church – they were searching for a magician or ventriloquist in Orange County, and they came across my info. After interviewing me and comparing me to other entertainers, they chose to hire me.

After service, my wife, kids and I all said, “this is an awesome church. Maybe we should go here.”

It was a great experience driving there each Sunday. In fact, the drive between Costa Mesa, through Newport Beach all the way down to where the church was on a private toll road was beautiful!

I guess living in Los Angeles, being a country boy at heart, makes one appreciate fields and mountains (actually, large hills if you want to be technical).

Anyway, I get a huge source of business from the OC area. Many jobs in Huntington Beach in particular.

It’s fun, and always a blast for me, the kids and parents.