Living in Southern California

Image comedian corporate entertainment

Comedian Justin Milan with the C.E.O.

I live in Southern California.

I’m part of a minority people group..

Those who speak English.

I get around by bicycle.

People think I’m doing it to save the planet.

I am doing it..

to save..


Not by choice.

Image of Corproate Comedian Puppet

Comic Justin Milan with ventriloquist puppet All’i, a big hit with adult audiences.

There is a lot of road rage where I live..

But on a bike

If I accidentally take a turn when I’m not supposed to,

like at a four way stop.

Normally they’d honk their horn

Yell an expletive

with their middle finger.

Image of Booking Corporate Comedian

Comedian Justin Milan, dressed casually for a comedy club show, with Tony, a monkey from Scotland. We know that makes no sense, but neither does a monkey that talks in the first place.

But on a bike,

They smile.

As if to say, “we support why you’re doing this.”

You support..

that I’m broke?

* This marks the end of the comedy ramblings of this ventriloquist comic.