Look No Further Than Real Life for Good Comedy

Sometimes, when developing comedy material for the stage, you need to look no further than real life.  Check out this great deal that I found at Amazon.com:

Image of Amazon Comedy Ventriloquist

It makes you want to buy one right away before they sell out at such great savings.  Imagine saving negative $1.44 on each unit purchased.  Why pay list price when you can pay $1.44 more, plus shipping!

Considering that I’m always needing comedy ventriloquism material for my sidekicks and I to talk about, this is a great find.  I joke about not having to look beyond real life to make people laugh, and it’s so true.  Truth is comedy, they say.

If you find any similar deals that will help break the bank, please send them my way.  I’m always looking for good comedy that will make myself and others laugh!


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