Ventriloquist Comedy Show Coming to Mobile Alabama!

As a comedian & ventriloquist, one of the benefits of being in this industry is I get to travel so frequently. When college classmates were asked to describe me, they summed it up in one word: “CURIOUS”

I want to find out anything and everything I can about anything and everything. (At least anything and everything that’s positive – if it’s a drug, or thing that’s not honoring to God, I want nothing to do with it.)

That brings me to my point that I’m ecstatic about the prospect of doing ventriloquism and bring laughs in the great city of Mobile, Alabama.

I’ve never been there before, but have worked closely with several people from Alabama (at a ranch in Northern California – that’s another story for another time). They’re so nice, cordial and I love their accents!

Image of Mobile Alabama

Different sites around the city of Mobile, AL

The comedy show at the Civic Center will not take up the entire stadium, but I understand there is a 1900+ seat theater within the complex. It should be a blast. It’s so fun to see complete strangers laughing and having a good time.

There is no specific date set, but I expect it to be Summer, Fall or Winter of 2016, schedule permitting.

If you haven’t added your name to our e-mail list yet, I recommend doing so. We can let you know when we’ll be bringing the laughs to your great neck of Alabama!