New Funny Video of Ventriloquist

Funny alligator uploaded a new video of himself asking for directions.

Image of Comedy Ventriloquist YouTubeALL-LEE is the name he goes by, and if you ask him, he is the best most funniest comedian in the world.

ALL-LEE was born in the Florida Everglades, and unfortunately his mother experienced trouble in childbirth. She went to the animal hospital. ALL-LEE and mother ended up being okay, but ALL-LEE was accidentally sent home with human parents who had given an emergency birth at the animal hospital (the wife couldn’t wait to get to a regular hospital).

The humans thought they went home with their child. Unfortunately, once it was too late, they realized they’d gone home with a reptile. ALL-LEE’s mother was heart sick. She didn’t know how to talk, so there was no way to figure out who accidentally took her beloved son.

Image of Funny Video Asking for DirectionsFortunately, ALL-LEE’s accidental human parents showed him the same love and care they would’ve shown to their human son.

ALL-LEE was raised as if he was a human in West Palm Beach. One problem is his parents were so affirmative of him, they even told him he was good at things that he was terrible at.

He still suffers from thinking-he-can-do-something-well-but-really-can’t-itis to this day. (the medical term for being at lousy at something, but never facing that reality).

ALL-LEE’s YouTube channel is the most popular in the world, although when we checked, his only video had “1” view and “0” subscribers. Apparently his medical condition is affecting his video of YouTube success.

Here’s a screenshot of his channel as of this writing:

Image of Funny YouTube Video LOL

Although ALL-LEE may be aloof about some things, there is no question that his natural personality is hilarious! (Maybe by sheer accident)