Orange County Kids Party Ventriloquist

It all started when, as a kid, other students at school noticed i didn’t move my lips – naturally!

Image of Ventriloquist Orange County CA

Tony (left) and Luigi (right) were created by ventriloquist Justin Ver Burg. Kids can accomplish great things when the put their mind to it and are focused. 🙂

Ha ha..

Then I was at my friends’ house for New Years Eve, and my friend’s dad pulled out a ventriloquist figure and made it talk.

My jaw dropped. It was the coolest thing ever!

To my friend, I was like, “Your dad does that and you never even told me!”

To me, it was like finding out his dad is Walt Disney, but he never mentioned it. 🙂

I consulted with his dad and asked how much do ventriloquist dummies cost?

I found out they were just under $500 at the time – and weren’t even custom. Not a bad price, but for a kid who made his money delivering papers on cold, wet Pacific Northwest (north of Seattle) mornings, I wasn’t going to part with my hard-earned cash that easily.

Instead, I bought a block of bass wood (some of the best carving wood, BTW) and carved a dummy head.

I figured it end up in the trash, but was worth a try.

Thank God because it actually worked. My first attempt was actually a success!

I’m sure part of it was my lack of confidence… I was so concerned it wouldn’t work and I literally had to figure it out (and do a lot of guessing) as I went, so I probably put in way more attention to detail than was even necessary.