Orange County Ventriloquist

I service Irvine, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Anaheim and all other cities in the Orange County (California) area with my ventriloquism show.  It’s a blast!


People often ask how I got into ventriloquism…  It’s a very unique (and almost laughable) story…

At age 15 I saw a ventriloquist do an impromptu performance at a New Year’s Eve party and thought “wow, I can do that!”  Why was I so confident?

Because I naturally spoke without moving my lips.  At school, when giving reports, students would raise their hand and ask, “how in the world do you talk without moving your lips?”

At home, my mother would sit me down and say, “Young man, unless you start moving your lips when you talk, people aren’t going to understand you when you grow up.”

Fortunately, life is full of delightful twists. When I realized I could take my natural speech issue and combine into an entertaining art form, I was pumped. What I love is the ability to go in front of a group of kids and their parents (sometimes grandparents) and keep these kids laughing from start to finish.

As my ventriloquist sidekicks would be quick to point out, I’m not the one getting the room laughing, they are.  True.  They are the life of the party!