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How to Get Started in Stand Up Comedy

Stage fright is one of the first things that people think of when they contemplate taking to the stage. What are people going to think?

First of all, if you’re going to hit a comedy club open mic, be prepared for some very “off color” material. Comedians, when they’re starting out, get frustrated because they’re jokes don’t work, so they unfortunately resort to jokes that are of very poor taste. Make a resolution not to do that yourself. There are other ways to get people laugh… Look at billionaire comedian Jerry Seinfeld. He make a killing and kept it clean.

Secondly, don’t invite your friends and family to the first few times you perform comedy. It’s better that you work out the kinks first, and then invite them. Just because you think it’s funny doesn’t mean the audience will. Give yourself some time and dont’ rush it.

I remember when I first set to the comedy stage. I’m a comedian ventriloquist and had make large audiences laugh; however, a comedy club environment was a different story. Even though I was nervous and received almost no laughs my first couple of times around, I stuck with it and gradually doors started to open. Just stay the course.

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