Ventriloquism is Fun in San Diego, CA

san-diego-ventriloquist-image - 1I do shows all over the country, but there is something spectacular about doing comedy ventriloquism in San Diego.  Why, first of all, it’s beautiful there. OK, I live in the Los Angeles area near the beach, so I have it pretty good where I live; however, there is something about San Diego that has a vacationesque feel to it..

People come from all over the U.S. to vacation there each year. There’s SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, LegoLand (Escondido), San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Safari Park (also in Escondido) and an abundance of beautiful hotels on the many shorelines of San Diego.

I personally have many memories coming to the area as a child, having grown up in Bellingham, WA, just North of Seattle, and South of Vancouver, BC, Canada. We’d often fly into LAX and out of the refreshingly not-too-big San Diego Int’l Airport.

San Diego is where I proposed to my wife (she obviously said yes – praise God!). It’s also, believe it or not, a key city in the history of me getting into ventriloquism and ultimately becoming a full-time comedian ventriloquist.

I was inspired by a Ventriloquist who I met at a convention in the Pacific Northwest who happened to be from La Jolla.  (He even sent me an autograph of the late ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, which dates back to his Vaudeville days in the 1920’s to help inspire me – and that it did!)

Most significantly, when I stumbled upon the art form at age 15, we took a vacation to San Diego County shortly thereafter (went across the border to help out with some missionary work).. I was carving my first dummy at the time (Guido, who is one of the main funnymen of my show to this day) and had been given a professional ventriloquist puppet that I took with me to San Diego for the trip.

I saw that a hotel had a ventriloquist in their brochure, and it’s hard to quantify how much it inspired me to see him.  I thought, “I need to do that.”

I believe I’ll be performing at Spreckels Theatre in 2016.  You can check the listing of tour dates for an up to date listing, or add your e-mail to be notified.

Anyone else have favorable thoughts/experiences they’d like to share about San Diego?  Please share below.