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Ventriloquist for Christmas Company Party 2016

Image of Company Christmas Party VentriloquistSeveral companies like to throw year-end corporate parties for their employees and they often like to bring in comedy entertainment to spice things up a bit.  I often get called because people will see Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham on Comedy Central and want something similar at their Christmas Party.

It’s fun because people are in a good mood and every organization has its own “persona” or culture, so to speak.  I’ll usually get as much “insider” info about the employees and their culture as possible.  This helps me to “speak their language” and connect well.

One thing that goes over well in these settings is audience participation.  People like a good show, and the icing on the cake is when employees see their co-workers or the company president on stage yucking it up.  People often roar with laughter and it’s something people enjoy looking back on once the party is over.

Yes, there’s travel involved, except when the show is in Los Angeles or Orange County (CA), but I’m one of those entertainers that just loves seeing new places and meeting new people.

Image of Company Party Ventriloquist Audience

Here I am on stage (standing) with the organization’s president as the “audience participant.” I inquire beforehand who might be a good fit to bring up on stage… It’s so much fun!

I recall back in college that my “interpersonal communication” professor had us sit in a circle and summarize each others’ personality in one word.  The class concluded the word for me is “curious.”  They observed that I have an insatiable interest in learning about new things.  I’m usually fascinated.

How busy will this year’s (2016) company christmas party entertainment schedule be for my comedy ventriloquism show?  Only time will tell.  One thing I know is it will be a blast, and I enjoy bringing what I enjoy to new audiences.