Ventriloquist Comedian for Jewish Events in Los Angeles

Image Jewish Ventriloquist Los Angeles

Here’s a picture of Israel that makes me want to visit there even more!

I’m a comedian and ventriloquist, and find that lots of Jewish groups like hiring me to entertain at events. To me, it’s really fun to interact with them and learn more about Hebrew culture.

I personally am a God-fearing man, so I think that’s one reason work so well together. In fact, that often comes up in conversation and the Rabbi’s or whoever is hiring me are refreshed to hear that.

It is my goal to one day soon visit Israel and take a tour to learn more about Jewish holy sites.

Image of Jewish holiday Purim

This is a Hebrew prayer book from the 18th Century about the miracles

Another reason I may connect so well is the Jewish people tend to stress hard work, which I also highly value. I also do clean comedy when I do my comedy ventriloquism show.

Some of my favorite comedians are Jewish. I’ve learned since moving to Los Angeles that MANY of the most famous and successful comics have a Jewish upbringing.

It all started with a Rabbi from a Chabad in Calabasas, California hired me to entertain for an event he was putting on to celebrate Purim (celebration of when the Jewish people were saved from Haman).

Image of Jerry Seinfeld Jewish Comic

I’ve been so impressed with Jerry Seinfeld and his comedy over the years. It is widely known that he is Jewish.

After that, a Rabbi called me from Orange County to entertain at an event for young adults. He referred me to his son who runs a Hebrew Day Camp for kids in Huntington Beach, California. The show went great, and I was put on a list of vendors they will book to entertain each summer.

Most recently, a Jewish couple contacted me from Silicon Valley, California. They are throwing a Bar Mitzvah for their 13 year old son who is really into ventriloquism. The comedy show I am scheduled do for them be a lot of fun!