Ventriloquist & Emcee Video

I just recently threw together a demo video titled “Ventriloquist & Master of Ceremonies” because that is what I do. People will have me entertain at events, but they will also have me host their event (keep it moving, etc.).

It’s a lot of fun because I can get creative and involve different audience members in the night’s events, and it’s an opportunity to develop comradery with people at the events.

Here’s the video. Please take note that I did this rather quickly. It’s a little choppy because I need to go back and refine the editing, but at least it’s a start:



One thing I find interesting is that different audiences take on a unique persona. ¬†What goes over big with one audience may only be slightly successful with another. I think that’s where the performer comes in and needs to know how to adapt their show and presentation style to fit each audience and maximize laughter.


If you ever see me doing a ventriloquist show, or entertaining at an event in your area, please come up and say hi afterwards.  Cheers!