Being a Ventriloquist Comedian in Hollywood

I’ve spent most of my life as a Comedian & Ventriloquist in cities other than Hollywood, California; however, the last two years have been right here in what many would consider the “entertainment capitol of the world.”  At least the “entertainment capitol” when it comes to TV and movies.  If we’re talking “live” entertainment, I’m guessing New York or Las Vegas easily beat it out.

Or if you’re reading this from India, I wonder if Bollywood might give “Hollywood” a run for it’s money even with TV and Film?  What do you think? (place comments below)

Back to my life in California, the land of fruits and nuts..

It’s been great so far. I moved my wife and two kids down here in Fall 2013.  Oh, I guess I moved myself as well.  (I figured it was implied.)

We enjoy the sunshine and ability to be outside year round. The nearby surfing doesn’t hurt either.

As far as the industry goes, it definitely changes one’s perspective..

In Seattle, if someone like Tom Cruise was in town, it might be the lead story in the evening news. Down here, celebrities with his star power are seen everyday on their Segways.  Actually, that’s not true.  They are seen, but I made up the part about Segways.

There are benefits to being in Los Angeles when it comes to ventriloquism

For instance, NBC Universal was casting for a reality show based on Ventriloquism. They had over 100 applicants from across the country, and had planned to choose four to five ventriloquists to star in the show. Once I sent my demo tape and was interviewed by the casting agents, they changed the show’s format to only star me and my ventriloquist sidekicks (a.k.a. dummies & puppets). They said it “helped that I was in Los Angeles.”

You would think it would be purely talent-based; however, the fact that they don’t have to fly a film crew out to another city to shoot is a big cost-saver to the network.

That deal is still in the works; however, I haven’t given up on it. In God’s perfect timing, it will work out.. He will be glorified.

I could go on about how it’s helpful to be a ventriloquist working in Hollywood; however, maybe you want to share your own experiences about how it’s beneficial for you to be where you are?

As an example, you might be a glass blower who recently relocated to Seattle or Venice, Italy?

Or a longhorn cow that just relocated to Texas?  Just kidding.

Maybe something a bit less artsy… You’re an accountant and just moved to the accounting capitol of the world?  Again, just joking.  No offense, but that would be a very mundane place.  Everyone would speak monotone and wear pocket-protectors.

Please share in “comments” section below: