Ventriloquist in Seattle

Being a ventriloquist in Seattle is a lot of fun because the people in the Pacific Northwest seem to have a particular affinity for the arts.  The fact the I made my ventriloquist dummy and many of my ventriloquist puppets also perks their interest.  Bottom line though, is that I am here to make audiences laugh.  They like the comedy I do with the ventriloquist figures.  It’s geared toward comedy club audiences, but contains no profanity or off-color subject matter, so corporate audiences like it at their events to.

Image of Seattle Bulldog VentriloquistDid I grow up in Seattle?  No, just North of Seattle in Bellingham, Washington.  It’s a beautiful city just between Vancouver, BC and Seattle.  When it’s sunny (which can be rare during certain times of the year), I contend that it is the most beautiful area in the world.  To be candid, I don’t mind when it rains either.  Yes, I enjoy the sun, but there’s something to be appreciated about all weather patterns as long as we can still go about our day and be safe.

Although I grew up outside of Seattle, I did move to Bellevue after graduating from a college out East.  It was great to come back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest as a ventriloquist.  After that, I moved downtown Seattle to a place near Lake Union so I could be closer to the comedy club scene (Seattle Comedy Underground, the now defunct Seattle Giggles Comedy Club, etc.).

Whether it’s the Eastside of Seattle or downtown, I enjoy it all.

While in Seattle, I joined Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and was heavily involved.  I worked with a lot of meeting planners on a regular place, and even received a reward during my time there.  The Washington State Chapter of MPI is based in Seattle; however, it encompasses all of Washington State.  Events even take place in Spokane from time to time to ensure that those East of the Cascade mountains feel like they are a vital part of the organization as well.

I’m probably sharing much more information than you may want to know, but a lot of show attendees want to know my ties to the Seattle area.  It’s a great city, and I am pleased to serve the city through comedy ventriloquism.

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