A Ventriloquist’s Account of the Thrill of Making People Laugh..

Image of Comedian Ventriloquist with Mike Tyson

Comedian Ventriloquist Justin Milan with boxing legend Mike Tyson. “I may do push ups,” joked Justin, “but I still think I wouldn’t stand a chance against him.”

Okay, we’ve all read in recent news how people have unhealthy addictions that have ultimately led to loss or ruin..

The purpose of this article is to point out that there are sometimes healthy addictions.

In my case, it’s the rush I get when I bring laughter to a big audience. Whether it’s a corporate entertainment and a big association event, or a small show in front of a few children, there are few things here on earth that compare (at least in my experience).

Keep in mind, I’ve never summited Mount Everest, ridden a bull at a rodeo or won the Super Bowl.

But for a regular bloke like myself, there are few things that probably even come close.

I’ve been a corporate entertainer since 2007 when I gave up a thriving Web design business to pursue laughter and fun full time. Actually, I enjoyed Web design and my clients liked the work I do; however, God directed me to give it up and start entertaining people full time.

It’s been so fun – and I’m so glad I made that decision.

There are 6 characters who would be collecting dust, but now they’re traveling the country – and sometimes the world – to bring a smile to peoples’ faces.

Image of comedian Vent availability

If you see me at a theater event, I’d love to hear what you enjoyed, and if you have any ideas of how to make it even better! Ask my wife, I probably won’t do any of your suggestions, but I mean it that I’ll enjoy “hearing” them. LOL.

Anyway, thanks for reading this article. Please let me know any comments below if my Webmaster (myself) has figured out how to enable comments LOL again. 🙂